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Start from scratch? No problem! Simply  get us the info we need to help you design the kitchen you deserve.

Cabinet Measurement Checklist
1. Ceiling: Measure the height of the ceiling. Browse to see that the entire ceiling is the same height. (Note soffits and drop ceilings.)
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2. Walls: Measure the length of all walls with cabinets on them. Note if the walls are open or closed on each side. (Leave 2 inches at open ends for countertop edging.)
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3. Windows: Measure the width of windows, including the frame. Also, measure the distance from the edge of the window to the corner or end. Note if there are going to be cabinets above the window and the height above it.
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4. Range or cooktop: Measure the width of the range or cooktop. Mark the distance from the center of the range or cooktop to the nearest corner or end.
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5. Hood: Mark down the distance from the center of the opening for the hood to the nearest corner or end. Note what type of hood it’s going to be; undercabinet, micro hood, or chimney style.
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6. Sink & dishwasher: Measure the center of the plumbing to the nearest corner or end. Note if the plumbing is irregular. Mark the location of the dishwasher, the standard is 24”. Normally the sink will be centered on the window if there is a window.
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7. Refrigerator: Measure the width and height of the refrigerator, and mark the location. Standard is 36”(w)x72”(h).
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8. Islands: We recommend leaving at least 36 inches on each side of the island. The standard overhang for the counter is 10”.
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9. Other: Mark down any other notes or irregularities.
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